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Live piano at your business event, birthday party, bar mitzvah, or house warming can really make the difference for your guests. Music is the most social of all art forms, and the versatility of piano music is ideal for bringing people together in celebration.

Celebrations can be given a touch of class with the sophisticated sound of ‘Ave Maria’, performed live on the piano, or music which ties in perfectly with the theme of your party. Jay's repertoire page offers a varied selection of songs to guide you in tailoring the best list of songs for your event. Jays style of music ranges from classical/modern/jazz/blues/standards.

If you need music in different locations at various stages in the event, Jay will happily relocate his electric piano and amplification system. If you require a microphone and public address system for a guest speakers, or comedian, save on expensive on sound hire, and let Jay provide the system for you for free!

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